Our Six Most Popular Blog Posts in 2013

With the focused goal of improving lives, each week we share leading-research in a friendly format that reaches around the world. We’ve assembled a list of the most popular blog posts during 2013. One was actually written in 2012 and two are accompanied with infographics but all together these blogs represent articles from our four major priorities: Close the Achievement Gap, Understanding the Developing Brain, Build Family Resilience and Strengthen our Global Competitiveness.

Now, let’s take a look and revisit the most sought after topics. We hope you will consider subscribing to CEHD’s Vision 2020 blog as we share many more discoveries in the new year.

Close the Achievement Gap

  1. 7 Tips for Parents to Help Struggling Readers
    Reading is the foundation to learning. This blog and infographic share practical advice to encourage good reading habits and help struggling readers improve.
  2. Later High School Start Times Improve Student Learning and Health
    Teenagers nodding off in early morning classes may be in a biological sleep mode. Research shows that later start times have a positive effect on learning and health.
  3. Infographic & Video: Help Close the Achievement Gap
    What is the Achievement Gap and why does it matter? What can we do to close it? These questions and more are answered through this engaging infographic and video.

Understanding the Developing Brain

  1. School Readiness: A Key Contributor to the Achievement Gap
    Executive function skills like learning how to sit still, pay attention and follow rules are very important for school readiness but also predict outcomes later in life. Parents and teachers can help children develop these skills in a number of ways.

Build Family Resilience

  1. Not All Fun & Games: Changing the Youth Sports Environment
    Some aspects of youth sports aren’t always as valuable to child development as often assumed. Parents on the sidelines and coaches on the field play an important role in promoting good experiences and creating a positive environment for young athletes.

Strengthen our Global Competitiveness

  1. 4 Tips to Survive a Changing Workplace
    Today’s workplace environment is often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  Research shows four competencies will decrease the risk of career derailment and help enhance performance and success.

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