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2 thoughts on “Help Close the Achievement Gap [Infographic & Video]”

  1. R. Schauer says:

    I find several things missing: the first is intellectual standards available here http://criticalthinking.org. Additionally, in the area of Many Factors Impact… Where is the ethology using valid scientific measures based on tinbergens four questions? We as educators must evolve as rapidly as science with valid data. Hate to say, Psychs dsm-5 problems and changes in evo psych as a result of increased knowledge in neurobiology and genetics forces us to embrace ethology as ed. psych’s new foundation. E.O Wilson calls it Consilience. We are as Kuhnian’s on a scientific revolution. And as we are all yet students, we must look forward to the unknown with the best tools at hand today.

    1. CEHD says:

      Thank you for the additional perspective on a very complex issue.

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