Marek Oziewicz

Marek studies the transformative power of literature for the young reader. His projects explore stories as a technology that recalibrates human minds, nurtures empathy, and understanding across cultures. Marek’s current research includes three strands: the power of children’s literature to help us cope with climate change; the importance of global and multicultural literature as sites where we learn to appreciate difference; and the cultural work of speculative fiction—especially fantasy—in helping us envision a better world for everyone, including animals and the biosphere. All of Marek’s work is about how literature empowers young people to reach their full potential so that they can respond to the challenges of the contemporary world in a holistic and ethical way.

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Articles by Marek Oziewicz, Ph.D.

Santa Claus and the Power of Belief

Fri Dec 12, 2014

We are hardwired for belief. The ability to believe in what cannot be seen or proven is not only fundamental to being human; it is crucial for childhood development. Our […]

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