Cynthia Lewis
  • Emma Birkmaier Professor in Educational Leadership
  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • College of Education and Human Development

Cynthia Lewis received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois before earning her master’s degree and doctorate in Language, Literacy and Culture from the University of Iowa. The foundation of her studies has been partnerships with schools and teachers in both urban and rural settings to address issues related to equity, access and opportunities to learn through classroom discourse. This work led Cynthia to co-found a program in a high-poverty urban high school—the Digital Media Studies Program (DigMe)—focused on the use of emerging technologies to engage students in critical literacy practices across subject areas. Cynthia is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Literacy Research Association and serves on the editorial advisory boards of four major literacy and discourse research journals, including the Journal of Literacy Researchand Research in the Teaching of English.

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