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Before joining the faculty at CEHD at the University of Minnesota, Asha Jitendra was a professor for 14 years at Lehigh University and faculty for three years to the Center for Promoting Research to Practice. Her research focuses on evaluating the variables (e.g., materials and instructional procedures) that impact children’s ability to succeed in school-related tasks. Her research includes two types of inquiry: (a) materials analysis and (b) instructional and assessment analysis. Jitendra has employed group design and single subject design methodology to investigate the effectiveness of various instructional procedures (e.g., schema-based instruction) for children and adolescents with disabilities and those at-risk for learning problems. Her research on problem solving has resulted in the publication of the curriculum text, “Solving math word problems: Teaching students with learning disabilities using schema-based instruction.”

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Math Success and the Power of Visualization

Fri May 24, 2013

One of the biggest challenges in math education today is closing the achievement gap, especially given the complexities of a diverse population in the U.S. school system. In particular, many […]

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