Strengthen our Global Competitiveness

Our ability to compete globally means that we must meet the educational needs of the 21st century. CEHD students take advantage of global partnerships and study-abroad experiences to increase their understanding of other cultures, international education and world issues.


The Publication Gap: Western Bias in Educational Psychology Journals

Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in studying children’s memory and learning, particularly as it relates to reading and comprehension. In these and other areas of educational psychology there’s been a large base of research accumulated, but how much of it is really accurate for children around the world? Based on a study of three […]


UMN CEHD Students Present at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Conducting high-level research is challenging, but it was only the first step for eight Ph.D. candidates from the University of Minnesota CEHD. The second step may have been even more challenging: simplifying complex work – sometimes years’ worth of it – into a three-minute presentation before people with limited knowledge of the subject. To present […]


The Changing Story: How to Harness the Power of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom and Community

Embracing the ability that digital storytelling gives my students to incorporate the elements of audio, video, art, text, animation and more has been rewarding. In my new e-book, The Changing Story: digital stories that participate in transforming teaching and learning (which you can download for free), I provide a road map for other educators who […]


How Technology and Learning Analytics Are Transforming Education

Growing up in a rural area of the Chinese province of Sichuan, my education was traditional. I had no access to computers, and classes were rooted in old-fashioned pedagogy – based around the concept of a teacher dispensing information to be written down and then memorized by students. It was in my college years when […]


30 Tips for ACT and SAT Standardized Test Prep

For the last 25 years, through a partnership between CEHD, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and a host of other organizations, I’ve conducted ACT and SAT preparation classes for under-represented high school students. Over that time, I’ve learned a lot about the best standardized test prep strategies, what works and what doesn’t. Standardized tests like the […]