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Improving Mental Health for Families Affected by War Trauma

I have been working with vivo (Victim’s Voice) for more than 12 years. Our mission is to overcome and prevent traumatic stress and its consequences within the individual and the family, as well as the community, safeguarding the rights and dignity of people affected by violence and conflict. vivo developed Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) as […]


A Mission to Make A Difference

My goal has always been to make a difference in someone’s life—and I share that goal with the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). It’s in everything we do, and it’s the academic mission behind our Vision 2020 program. This mission starts with the power of ideas. It then comes to […]


Transnational Students & Youth Citizenship in America

For the past few years, I have been interested in several intersecting areas—one, demographic projections that tell us the U.S. will not be a white-majority country in the next three decades; two, the rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment that characterizes our political discourse, and three, the idea that schools are an important site to cultivate […]


Adventure Learning and Climate Change: Four Years, Seven Continents, Endless Stories

Today students, educators, researchers, policy makers and community members all have access to learning environments never before seen. These environments are made possible through adventure learning. They provide discussion spaces in every corner of the world for our most pressing educational, social and environmental issues, like climate change. The two most important things bringing people […]


Better Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow with the TERI School Partner Network

To prepare for the future needs of learners and to develop better teachers, the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) has been in the active process of re-envisioning our teacher education program with the Teacher Education Redesign Initiative (TERI). TERI began in 2010, when CEHD became one of 14 higher education […]