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The First MLB All-Star Week Course for Sports Management Students

I always try to stay involved with our local sports teams here in Minnesota. By keeping my pulse on the industry, I can provide better knowledge, guidance and mentorship for my sports management students. It’s also a great way to keep my eye out for potential opportunities. Last winter an idea came to mind when […]


Child Development Research: The Science Behind Blocking Stress Hormones

Did you know July is Make a Difference to Children Month? Kim Ratz started this grass roots campaign in 2006, which calls “parents, providers and people who care about kids” to action. In recognition of this important campaign, and to champion our mission at the Institute of Child Development, I wanted to share exciting new […]


Engaging Students with Experiential Learning in the Great Outdoors

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is uniquely located along the Mississippi River—a national park in our own backyard! Not only does it offer exciting recreational activities for students and faculty year round, it has inspired experiential learning opportunities from a freshman seminar to a new minor designed to shape career paths in the […]


The Importance of Engaging Fathers in Child Welfare

There’s a meaningful difference in child well-being between a disengaged father and one who may have passed away or who his children never knew. Disengaged fathers often initially build close relationships with their children, only to become minimally involved or absent later. A particular pain and set of negative effects are present in children when […]


Why We Need More Social Workers to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

The final stage of chronic kidney disease requires life-saving treatments such as dialysis or transplantation. While a very small percentage of patients with kidney disease are able to receive a transplant, most people have to get hemodialysis treatments three times a week in a community-based facility. Dialysis treatments require an interprofessional team of nephrologists, nurses, […]