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Want Equal Access to Higher Education? Evaluate Students Differently.

Education changes lives. It works against inequality and discrimination, in turn making the society we live in a better place. Of course this is an idealistic point of view. My passion for education in general and equal access to higher education comes from my own experience during the Civil Rights Movement and during my time […]


How to Handle Bad Behavior in Children: Seven Phases

Everyone from family members to teachers knows there will be times when a child will engage in challenging behavior. This can happen even after proactive strategies have been planned and implemented. Adults in this situation may struggle with trying to de-escalate the situation without inadvertently reinforcing the challenging behavior. By identifying signs of distress, your […]


How Early Childhood Experiences Affect Cognitive Development

September is National School Success month. One of the most important criteria for students to be successful in the classroom is their development of cognitive skills like learning, memory and attention. With schools back in full swing around the country, there is no better time to talk about my research in hopes of helping parents […]


Promoting Resilience In Children at Risk: Research, Book, MOOC

When I came to the University of Minnesota, it was to join my future mentor Norman Garmezy and his “Project Competence” research team on the frontier of a new field of science dedicated to learning how people overcome adversity. As a new graduate student, I never imagined becoming the primary investigator for the Project Competence […]