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Our Better Angels: Building Bridges to Preserve Democracy After the Election

I’ve been a family therapist for years, and have never spoken out about politics in a professional capacity before – until now. Our profession has traditionally kept its focus on the personal level, rarely thinking about what it means to be a psychotherapist as a citizen, especially during an election season. Our professional associations don’t […]


Improving Deaf Education Through Visual Learning

When I taught reading and writing to sixth grade students at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, CA, I began to notice a pattern that supported research I had previously read. My students who had parents who were deaf or hearing parents who signed fluently in American Sign Language (ASL) typically read on […]


Getting to the Bottom of Special Education Disparities

Continued efforts to improve educational equity in our school systems has led to taking a careful and measured look at special education disparities. When I did fieldwork at a school in Phoenix – a place with fairly substantial achievement gaps and stereotypical educational disparities – I noticed that the special education classroom had a higher […]


PRESS Provides Tools for Teaching Reading to Students

At University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), we’re always researching and developing new techniques and interventions teachers can use in their classrooms to better educate our next generation of students. We are furthering this commitment by taking steps to make sure that our leading research doesn’t stay within the walls of […]