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The Power of High Expectations for Special Education Students

For the past four decades, I have, along with many others, worked to make changes to special education programs and services, focusing on creating better outcomes for students with disabilities. For me, these are very personal issues. Growing up, my older brother Vance had significant intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the time, there were few […]


Animal Stories: How Literature Can Teach Empathy and Environmental Justice

We have a long tradition of stories that feature talking animals. These stories have existed for millennia and are found in all cultures. As someone whose work revolves around the power of literature to spark social consciousness and change, I began to wonder why these stories were so prevalent. Also, why were they so often […]


CEHD Reads Highlights Native American Culture With Rez Life

Our CEHD First Year Experience Common Book Program and related courses and events work to build community in and outside the classroom. Our goal is to both challenge and support students as they enter into their undergraduate careers. We want to facilitate students making connections and exploring the amazing range of people, resources and opportunities […]


Dealing With Challenging Behavior In Children

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, sibling or caregiver, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with what researchers call “challenging behavior” in young children. While it’s often frustrating for you, it’s important to understand the reasons and emotions behind the child’s behavior if you want to minimize it in the present and prevent it in the […]


Education in Ghana: Empowering Women to Lead

For the past few years, I’ve been involved in one of the most rewarding projects of my career: the Ghanaian Institute for the Future of Teaching and Education (GIFTED) Women’s Fellowship Program. Many organizations came together to create this program: Mujeres por Africa (a Spanish foundation that also funds the larger Ghana Wins! program), NYU, […]