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Promoting Resilience In Children at Risk: Research, Book, MOOC

When I came to the University of Minnesota, it was to join my future mentor Norman Garmezy and his “Project Competence” research team on the frontier of a new field of science dedicated to learning how people overcome adversity. As a new graduate student, I never imagined becoming the primary investigator for the Project Competence […]


Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: Change Starts Here

September is a hectic month for many families across the country. It means back to school and back to a routine for both parents and their children. With so many things going on, it’s easy to let healthy eating and physical activity fall down the priority list. Promoting physical activity and healthy eating has always […]


Using Research to Help Students with Learning Disabilities

Our aim within the Research Institute for Problem Solving (RIPS) is to continue the research tradition on Curriculum-Based Measurement and data-based instructional decision-making started by Professor Stan Deno and colleagues here at the University of Minnesota. We believe this is possible by advancing the use of data for evidence-based instruction—and we work to provide teachers […]


FAST Reading Assessment for Early Intervention

Reading is the cornerstone of academic success. This, in turn, is part of mental health and quality of life. Evidence supports the assertion that if students don’t learn how to read by third grade, they are much more likely to drop out, face unemployment and even end up incarcerated. What’s more, 80 percent of students […]


9 Research-Based Ideas to Help Close the Achievement Gap

Closing the achievement gap is a priority for University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler and for the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). There are no easy answers, but we are seeing that small, actionable steps can make a real difference. To help schools close the achievement gap one idea at a time, we […]