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Antioxidant-Rich Oats Could Be the Next Anti-Inflammatory Superfood

For several years, I’ve been studying the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of high-antioxidant oats. Based on the results, I believe that the potential is there for specialized oat products that provide significant health benefits for consumers. Studying the Health Benefits of Oats The potential health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of oats has been a focus of […]


CEHD Alumnus Receives 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award

We’d like to congratulate Dr. Ron Anderson, who was named as one of CEHD’s Distinguished Alumni Award for his efforts in improving education and learning opportunities for students. His leadership and dedication to providing diverse students with multiple paths to success has been a hallmark of his career. Dr. Anderson graduated with his Ph.D. in […]


30 Tips for ACT and SAT Standardized Test Prep

For the last 25 years, through a partnership between CEHD, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and a host of other organizations, I’ve conducted ACT and SAT preparation classes for under-represented high school students. Over that time, I’ve learned a lot about the best standardized test prep strategies, what works and what doesn’t. Standardized tests like the […]


How CEHD’s Open Textbook Network Is Increasing Access to Education

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a complete revolution in the way we access and distribute information. Thanks to the Internet and mobile technology, most of society has a nearly limitless access to information. In the pre-Internet age, making copies and distributing information – books, newspapers, video – took a lot of time, expense […]