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PRESS Provides Tools for Teaching Reading to Students

At University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), we’re always researching and developing new techniques and interventions teachers can use in their classrooms to better educate our next generation of students. We are furthering this commitment by taking steps to make sure that our leading research doesn’t stay within the walls of […]


TRIO Gala Celebrates Anniversaries of Upward Bound, Student Support Services, McNair Scholars

The University of Minnesota CEHD’s TRIO Programs have been helping create opportunities for students from underserved and culturally diverse communities at the high school, college and postgraduate levels. This year marks the anniversaries of three of TRIO’s most well-known and long-running programs: Upward Bound (50 years), Student Support Services (40 years) and McNair Scholars (25 […]


Improving Educational Systems with Culturally Responsive School Leadership

While most education leaders agree that more culturally relevant curriculums will help address the opportunity gap, too often these discussions center on individual teachers, classroom teaching techniques and curriculum. While I think these are important to the conversation, they too often ignore the systemic roots of the problem. When I began my career as a […]


Modeling Behavior: A Proactive Intervention for Teachers in the Classroom

Role models are important to human development. When a person consciously exhibits specific behavior in the hope that it will be imitated, this is referred to as “modeling.” This guide explains the principles of modeling and the conditions under which it can be expected to be an effective intervention. What is the foundation of modeling? […]