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Falling Behind: Understanding the Challenges Facing Latino Education in the U.S.

Growing and developing in a society where income is correlated with access to education and opportunities, Latino students in the United States are showing far different educational outcomes than their white peers and are facing inequitable opportunities that lead to inequitable lifelong outcomes. This gap has been a long-standing source of concern as differences in […]


The Publication Gap: Western Bias in Educational Psychology Journals

Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in studying children’s memory and learning, particularly as it relates to reading and comprehension. In these and other areas of educational psychology there’s been a large base of research accumulated, but how much of it is really accurate for children around the world? Based on a study of three […]


Engaging Students with Culturally Responsive Arts Education

Too often, we think of arts education as a luxury in our schools. As someone who’s studied arts education and student engagement for over two decades, I argue that’s not the case. In fact, my research has shown that culturally responsive arts education that fosters relationships and respect between teachers and an increasingly diverse student […]


UMN CEHD Students Present at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Conducting high-level research is challenging, but it was only the first step for eight Ph.D. candidates from the University of Minnesota CEHD. The second step may have been even more challenging: simplifying complex work – sometimes years’ worth of it – into a three-minute presentation before people with limited knowledge of the subject. To present […]


A Man’s Job: Struggling with Identity and Masculinity in the Workplace

In 2007, Lord John Browne suddenly stepped down as the chief executive of British Petroleum. The move was unexpected, given his successful 12-year tenure as head of the company, instituting better safety practices in the aftermath of a fatal 2005 explosion in a BP plant in Texas and expanding the company’s footprint in green energy. […]