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Learning Dreams Model Continues to Build Culture of Learning

Everyone has dreams. Every community has rich resources that can help people work to achieve those dreams. Learning Dreams works to build connections between dreamers and community resources. We work to support struggling learners by exploring their dreams, their deep motivations to learn and the steps needed to move forward on those dreams. We also […]


Helping Young Adults Cope with Financial Stress

You don’t have to be rich to cope with financial stress. Coping with financial stress starts with an understanding that the decisions we make may have financial implications. Adults and young people alike often fail to recognize those implications—and the consequence is increased financial pressure. I am currently working on two research projects: 1) Arizona […]


Refugee Mental Health: The Importance of Culture & System-Level Support

Refugees face what we call a triple trauma paradigm, making the transition into our society that much harder. They experience stress when forced to leave their countries (pre-migration), stress in their actual relocation (flight) and stress in adjusting to life in a different country (post-migration). There are several phases that make life difficult for refugees—and I have become involved in the mission to provide mental health support at the system level so refugees can obtain the care they need to connect to our community as productive members.