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A Parent’s Guide To Kindergarten Readiness

When children turn five years old, many parents question whether or not their child is ready for kindergarten. There is a lot of advice floating about these days, and not all of it is helpful. Hard and fast rules such as “never send a summer birthday, five-year-old boy to kindergarten” are not appropriate. School readiness […]


Outside The Classroom: GIS Technology and Adventure Learning

With GIS technology and adventure learning, educators have an incredible opportunity to reach beyond the classroom. Students can engage hands-on in field research – and share it with their peers across the globe. At the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab, we are making this possible with new applications and adventure-learning programs that inspire […]


Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy in Professional Sports

What is the role of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy in professional sports? As a child growing up in Japan, sports had a profound impact on my life. By playing baseball, basketball and American football, I gained a newfound focus both as an athlete and a student. I learned valuable lessons about dedication and […]


How Cold Cap Therapy Helped Me Take Control Over My Battle With Cancer

As a health educator and author, my life’s work has been built on the idea of empowering people to have choice over their diet and personal health. Through seminars and writing, I’ve helped thousands to better understand and manage their eating habits. In 2009, I was faced with a health problem that was not my choice: breast cancer. I was in a […]


Mentoring Programs: A Powerful Intervention Tool for Children At Risk

I believe in the power of prevention. In fact, I experienced it firsthand working with young people who were just starting out in the juvenile justice system. This experience offered tremendous insight into how I think about helping children at risk. I saw an opportunity to interrupt and shift adverse life trajectories. Instead of thinking […]