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Promoting Sustainable Practices and Green Initiatives in Professional Sports

I’ve spent my career helping students begin their careers in sports management. Along the way, I’ve learned that professional sports – which are so central to our culture – give us opportunities to not only build successful teams and franchises, but educate the public on sustainable practices. Here at the University of Minnesota CEHD’s School […]


Teaching Hmong Culture and Culturally Relevant Education

It’s important to understand Hmong culture to make education culturally relevant. Immigrant and second-generation Americans experience our educational system differently than other students. To create curricula that truly address the needs of all our students, we have to study the intersections of immigrant culture, race, class and gender in education. By integrating cultural knowledge into […]


Tips for Dealing with Grief and Loss

So many of us today are dealing with grief and the loss of loved ones. It’s important to understand how grief and loss affects not only those dealing with it firsthand, but also for those who will be around others dealing with this difficult experience. I’ve worked for 27 years in healthcare, specifically pediatric hospice […]


Challenging Behavior: Using a Preferred Item as a Distracter

When you can sense that a child is about to display disruptive or challenging behavior, using a preferred item as a distracter is an intervention strategy that consists of presenting an activity or a favorite toy to a child during a time when challenging behavior is apt to occur. This preferred item is intended to […]