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A Voice for Advancing Girls’ and Women’s Sports: Why Not Me?

I have played a variety of roles in my decades-long pursuit of advancing girls’ and women’s sports. My motto of Why not me? has led to so many successes for our female athletes. So you can understand why I found it so interesting that earlier this week after Jude Schimmel led the University of Louisville […]


Why Women Matter in Sport Coaching

Having women in athletic leadership and sport coaching matters. Women coaches matter because they provide diversity in the workplace. Women coaches matter because they provide a visible career pathway for young women to enter the coaching profession. Women coaches matter because they can relate differently to young women than men because they are a same-sex […]


Fear Not The “Terrible Twos”

Your toddler may be in the throes of the “terrible twos” if you answer yes to these questions: Has your sweet, cuddly baby turned into a green-eyed monster before your very eyes? Does he alternate between clinging to you and demanding to be on his own? Is every third word out of his mouth an […]