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The Three Cs of Healthy Child Development

Research and community wisdom converge to point the way to essential experiences that allow children and youth to grow up to be caring, responsible adults. Even in the face of high-risk conditions, these “three Cs” can serve as important protective factors that enable children to rise above risk. So where are the opportunities for children […]


How Strong School Culture Drives Student Achievement

School culture is the secret to school success. My research shows how a culture built on the shared belief that students are capable of achievement is crucial to strong academics, closing the achievement gap and creating educational equity. Too often, schools are defined by demographic data and test scores. While measurable academic achievement is important, […]


How To Deal With Childhood Problem Behavior

Anyone who’s been a parent or teacher has undoubtedly had a run-in with what educational psychologists call “childhood problem behavior.” Whether it’s disruptive or destructive, many children in our school systems exhibit behavior that can make it difficult to teach or simply get through the day. These outbursts can seemingly come out of the blue, […]


Alcohol Awareness: A Practical Approach For College Students And Parents

Encouraging alcohol awareness and responsible attitudes towards drinking is crucial during a young person’s college years. At the College of Education and Human Development, we’ve studied attitudes towards alcohol and other risk behaviors in students as well as parents’ attitudes and perspectives on student risk behaviors, and have created programs to help both groups address […]