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Teaching College Students How to Build Good Credit

As a professor at the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), I’ve researched many ways of teaching college students how to build good credit. Developing responsible credit habits is a crucial part of a college student’s financial education; in this article I’ll give parents and teachers some guidelines for teaching college […]


Redefining Treatment of First Episode Psychosis and Schizophrenia

Early in my career, I focused my clinical work on developing and delivering psychosocial treatments for persons with serious mental illness. I became interested in the trajectory of what happens when a person experiences first-episode psychosis and develops schizophrenia. How could we improve recovery in that population? While pursuing a graduate degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, […]


Celebrating 10 Years of Mom Enough

Today is the 10th anniversary of Mom Enough, a podcast dealing with issues of modern motherhood, which I host with my daughter Erin Erickson. Producing and hosting this weekly show together has been a fun, creative and rewarding experience for both of us. Over the past decade, Erin and I have connected with thousands of […]


Falling Behind: Understanding the Challenges Facing Latino Education in the U.S.

Growing and developing in a society where income is correlated with access to education and opportunities, Latino students in the United States are showing far different educational outcomes than their white peers and are facing inequitable opportunities that lead to inequitable lifelong outcomes. This gap has been a long-standing source of concern as differences in […]


The Publication Gap: Western Bias in Educational Psychology Journals

Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in studying children’s memory and learning, particularly as it relates to reading and comprehension. In these and other areas of educational psychology there’s been a large base of research accumulated, but how much of it is really accurate for children around the world? Based on a study of three […]