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Santa Claus and the Power of Belief

We are hardwired for belief. The ability to believe in what cannot be seen or proven is not only fundamental to being human; it is crucial for childhood development. Our minds are characterized by cognitive fluidity: the ability to move knowledge and information from one conceptual domain to another. For example, the ability to conceive […]


Improving Mental Health for Families Affected by War Trauma

I have been working with vivo (Victim’s Voice) for more than 12 years. Our mission is to overcome and prevent traumatic stress and its consequences within the individual and the family, as well as the community, safeguarding the rights and dignity of people affected by violence and conflict. vivo developed Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) as […]


Overcoming the Social Barriers of Urban & Native American Youth Development

There are serious issues impacting urban and Native American youth development. Traditional youth development models tend to idealize Western goals and values. In other words, a white, middle-class, apolitical childhood has become the gold standard by which youth development is measured. In addition, much of the research in urban and Native American youth development has […]


Serving Homeless Families Bridges the Achievement Gap

People Serving People is the region’s largest and most comprehensive shelter for homeless children and their families. Our ultimate goal is to permanently end family homelessness with one visit to our shelter. This is a bold goal, no doubt. The number of homeless families in Minnesota is growing at an alarming rate. In fact, 11% […]


Working Together to Serve Military Families

Earlier this week we honored our nation’s men and women in uniform, past and present, who have sacrificed so much to defend freedom. While Veterans Day is a chance to acknowledge personal sacrifice, often lost are the sacrifices made by children in military families. One of the biggest issues impacting children in military families today […]