The Latest:   A Voice for Advancing Girls’ and Women’s Sports: Why Not Me?

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A Voice for Advancing Girls’ and Women’s Sports: Why Not Me?

I have played a variety of roles in my decades-long pursuit of advancing girls’ and women’s sports. My motto of Why not me? has led to so many successes for our female athletes. So you can understand why […] MORE +

Message from Dean Jean K. Quam

We are driven by a sustained belief in the value of each child and adult, with unique talents and challenges. We aim to apply our knowledge for public, practical use to impact and improve lives. Learn more about Dean Quam […] MORE +

Strategies to Aid Struggling Adolescent Readers

I began my journey in education as a 7th grade English teacher. Part of my responsibility was to teach a reading class, and through this experience, I was able to see which kids were on track (and engaged in reading) […] MORE +

Dealing with Grief and Loss During the Holidays

December can be a challenging time for those struggling with grief and loss. As friends and family gather to celebrate the holiday season, and as the old year changes into a new one, we are reminded of those […] MORE +

9 Research-Based Ideas to Help Close the Achievement Gap

Closing the achievement gap is a priority for University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler and for the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). There are no easy answers, but we are seeing that small […] MORE +

Reading Comprehension: How Stories Help Students Learn New Information

Reading comprehension for young students has always been a primary focus for a number of researchers here at the College of Education and Human Development. In the Text […] MORE +

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